Computational Thinking Activity Book 1 for Children


(Education AI Activity Book)


Engaging, off-screen activities designed for primary school children to learn Computing fundamentals and Computational Thinking. All learning provisions are designed to develop student’s communication, collaboration, and creativity skills! This series may be used by teachers or parents. Each book contains a set of 9 computing concepts, which are taught and delivered through fun games, activities, puzzles, and roleplay. Students gain easy understanding of those abstract computing concepts, since all games are tangible, visual, and related to real-life activities. Learning Objectives and Success Criteria are clearly articulated in each of the 9 topics, supporting educators in evaluating children’s understanding of each topic. Top tips are provided for each concept, aiming to make lesson preparation quick and simple. Common misconceptions are given in the material – a collection of misunderstanding from children gathered through years of teaching. All topics are mapped to the English National Curriculum for Computer Science (Published in 2014).

About this item

  • Completely off-screen activities for young students to learn computing and computational thinking
  • Included sticker pack for young learners still developing their writing skills
  • 45 activities covering 9 topics to support and reinforce the understanding of computing concept
  • Learning Objective driven

Book 1 Topics:

  • Memory Boxes (Variables) 
  • Lists (Arrays)
  • The Right Order (Sequences)
  • Booleans
  • Flowcharts
  • Making Choices (Conditionals)
  • Loops
  • Tree Structures
  • Secret Messages (Morse code)


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