Our systems diagnose where a student is on their learning journey, through data on their activities combined with our integrated curriculum and learning objective mapping. This information is then updated continuously so that the best insights can be surfaced for the student.


Based on the above, the system personalises the learning journey through selection of the optimum learning objectives. This personalised learning objective path presents the right prerequisite knowledge first, and then extends that with more complex topics.


Insights and feedback from the system are available and distributed to students, parents, and teachers, as appropriate. These are available on our METIS portal, giving breakdowns by learning objectives, and exercises.

why learn with education ai?

learning objective based

Granular approach built from individual learning objectives

Progressive approach

Students’ journey goes from fundamentals to advanced topics, in a coherent and consistent way

customisable teaching path

Teachers can arrange the topics themselves to best suit their students

Personalised learning

Makes sure the learning process is efficient and effective.

automatic marking

Save time with instant, automatic making of questions and code.

fully integrated suite

No need to switch between different products, our offering is a complete set of resources, learning aids, and tools.

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