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We take a holistic approach with children of all ages helping them to become critical thinkers, confident and independent

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Our Curriculum is based on Computational Thinking (which includes Logical Thinking, Problem Solving, Algorithms and other topics) as the basis.

The curriculum is designed to be progressive – students start with learning fundamentals and then move on to more applied topics such as coding and robotics. 

Being based on a consistent approach and framework, it’s also well suited to hybrid delivery, so a combination of both offline/ in-person and online.

Curriculum Support

Teaching curriculums are written in plain English, supporting non-specialised teachers.

Real-time support from our METIS system gives teachers instant feedback on class-wide performance.

it also helps to manage classroom coverage, avoiding any blind spots that may develop, ensuring no students are not left behind and advanced students can continue to be challenged.

The philosophy is one of personalised learning, as all students are different and we seek to identify their unique talents.

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We are inviting a variety of schools to join Education AI Pilot Scheme. These schools will have acces to our curriculum and educational product suite. Please get in touch by registering with the panel on the right.

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We are inviting a limited number of schools to join Education AI pilot scheme. These schools will get free access to our entire curriculum and suite of software for a full academic school term

Education AI Insights

Providing teachers with insights they would’t otherwise have access to

Real-Time Assistance

Our Modern Education Teachers Information System (METIS) supports teachers by providing them with insights they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

It provides a view on the whole class performance, whilst also allowing them to drill down into individual students’ data. 

We gather data from a variety of sources, including online activities, quizzes, and while students are actively programming (block or text based) using our tools. 

Data is presented within our Engagement Metrics Framework, which highlights students progress, their understanding of each Learning Objectiveand level of engagement on different activities. 

Education AI Teaching Support

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Our Modern Education Teachers Information System (METIS) supports teachers by providing them with insights they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.
It provides a view on the whole class performance, whilst also allowing them to drill down into individual students’ data. ​
We gather data from a variety of sources, including online activities, quizzes, and while students are actively programming (block or text based) using our tools.
Data is presented within our Engagement Metrics Framework, which highlights students’ ​ progress, their understanding of each Learning ​ Objective, and level of engagement on different activities.


We teach code the right way!


RoboBrain, powered by Education AI, provides online and class-based coding courses with a clear and progressive path for young children. It helps them to build an advanced skill-set and give them a head start in life.

Starting at the age six, our courses set the foundations for learning to code and teach children computational thinking, a form of problem solving. This allows them to become more effective communicators, planners and critical thinkers. The lessons for the younger age group are designed to be screen free, encouraging collaboration skills and creativity.