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Education AI approaches the topic of Computational Thinking in a progressive way. Our spiral curriculum moves through core concepts of Computational Thinking with the difficulty increasing as students progress.

Our structured modular approach, based on Learning Objectives, gives educators the ability to personalise the learning content and speed, also allowing for students to revisit prerequisites of the Curriculum before moving on to more complex subjects.

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Based on our own Curriculum, and mapped to the National Curriculum, our Computational Thinking Books are written for non-specialist teachers. 

Clear Learning Objectives and Activity Plans support teachers in delivering their lessons.

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Teaching Materials

Physical Teaching Materials are available for individual activities. They are designed specifically for a young age group, encouraging flow in the classroom and promoting Collaboration, Communication and Creativity.


Practice newly learnt computational thinking and coding concepts on Roby. It executes students’ code and helps teachers to understand the progress of the whole classroom or individual child.

Adaptive online activities

Online or hybrid Learning is made easy with our online resources. Aligned with unplugged materials, teachers can pick and choose the topics and activities. Online interactive activities are personalised for individual child, taking into consideration their learning habits and retention of pre-requisite knowledge.

Real time Insights

Students progress is gathered by Roby and through EAI’s Online Activities, and then fed back to teachers. Teachers can diagnose student or class knowledge gaps and plan lessons accordingly.