Education AI Teaching Support

Education AI’s Activities, Books and Teaching Materials allows teachers to focus their time on delivering their lessons.


Education AI provides an entire suite of teaching support resources on our online platform. Teachers and students are able to access content such as our self-marking activities and our educational puzzles and games.

On top of that, features such as our collaboration modes are made available to teachers and students so groups can work together to plan, troubleshoot and create projects together.
Our Modern Education Teachers Information System (METIS) supports teachers by providing them with insights they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.
It provides a view on the whole class performance, whilst also allowing them to drill down into individual students’ data. ​
We gather data from a variety of sources, including online activities, quizzes, and while students are actively programming (block or text based) using our tools.
Data is presented within our Engagement Metrics Framework, which highlights students’ ​ progress, their understanding of each Learning ​ Objective, and level of engagement on different activities.

Books and Teaching materials

To minimise the time required to design and research activities for lessons, Education AI has developed a set of textbooks for teachers to refer to when planning for their lessons. 

With clear Lesson Objectives and Success Criteria outlined for each subject matter paired with our set of engaging and tactile unplugged classroom activists, teachers are able to pick and choose how to deliver their tailored lesson plan.

Our computing curriculums is delivered with a suite of teaching materials, to help students to understand the abstract concepts in Computer Science. All levels are written in plain English and are intended for non-specialists. Activities are designed to encourage social interaction, movement, and collaboration. 

Supporting activities are delivered through EAI apps. This includes our own visual, blocks-based coding environment, where students can drag and drop coding elements in order to create algorithms. Other activities include Games, and a pre-loaded Whiteboard. Should the student do the activities remotely, they can collaborate directly on all of these apps– just because students are remote does not mean they can’t work together on problems.

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We are inviting a variety of schools to join Education AI Pilot Scheme. These schools will have acces to our curriculum and educational product suite. Please get in touch by registering with the panel on the right.

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