The Future is Human and Machine
Our approach is to make the best use of AI in order to help educators and teachers rather than replace them. We provide a scientific framework, systems, and analytics, all of which make the teaching and learning process
Enabling Teachers and Students
We provide systems and analytics that help teachers to deliver lessons more efficiently, and to monitor student engagement and learning outcomes easily and effectively. On the other side, students use our framework and systems in order to learn complex concepts in intuitive ways.
Across Multiple Subjects
While the firm started in the computational thinking, problem solving and scientific disciplines, we operate across multiple subject areas, applying a consistent, scientific framework and approach to the problem of AI assisted teaching and learning.

A New Way of Teaching and Learning

Artificial Intelligence

The use of data driven technology is not to replace teachers in the future but to reduce unnecessary workloads so that our next generation can benefit from both human and machine intelligence combine.

EAI Classrooms

Classrooms of the future are not only centred around self-paced and personalised learning, it utilises modern technology to empower teachers to have multi-dimensional view of their classroom.

Complementary Tech

Technology as teaching aids are undeniable. However, what is more important is that these aids are used correctly, ultimately keeping students rather than technology at the core of education.